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Empowering young people ….one life at a time.

Empowering the youth….to lead with purpose.

Learn today, lead tomorrow: the power of life skills education.

Embracing differences….Empowering all abilities

The Sakh’Ulutsha Lifeskills Education Initiative was birthed in the early 1990s to “build our youth”.
By harnessing the energy and passion of volunteers, we deliver life changing programs to children and young people. Sakh’Ulutsha is an NPO and PBO and provides a wide range of youth development services in and out of school.


We dream of a transformed society where young people are filled with hope and are active change agents. We do this by building communities one young life at a time.

How we make an impact:

Sakh’Ulutsha’s teams present a range of exciting programmes, in two main areas:

Lifeskills education in schools

Safe places for youth development

Leaner support in schools

Peer education

Gender specific programs

Holiday Programs

Sport and other extra-curricular support

Youth center programs especially computers

Leadership development

STEM education

Embracing differences….Empowering all abilities

We are striving to be inclusive to youth that are differently abled and Deaf.  We know that our programs to the differently abled and Deaf youth in South Africa will have tremendous value in promoting diversity, equality, and social inclusion.

These programs will create opportunities for young people with disabilities and hearing impairments to participate fully in society and develop their skills and talents, just like their peers. By breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, these programs will help to build a more inclusive and accepting society, where everyone can contribute and reach their full potential.

We are seeking like minded companies that understand the importance of inclusion to partner with us to develop resources and programs suitable to implement at our schools and communities for children with disabilities and the Deaf.

Partner with us:

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Life skills Program

We have several life skills programs ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention programs to GBV and anti-Bullying programs.

Duration:  10 weeks (1 session per week)
Cost:           R35 000 (for 100 children)
Area’s of operation:
Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Amatola, Algoa, Western Cape, Free State



Holiday Clubs

We run several holiday club programs during every holiday and impact thousands of youth every year.

Duration:    5 days
Cost:           R35 000 (for 100 leaners)
Area’s of operation:
Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Amatola, Algoa, Western Cape, Free State




We run several camp projects throughout the year.

Duration:  3 days
Cost:           R120 000 (for 100 youth)
Area’s of operation:
Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Amatola, Algoa, Western Cape, Free State



STEM education

If you would like to partner with us in this exciting new project that we will implement at schools in the rural communities please get in contact with us.



Leadership Development Programs

Our leadership programs are focussed on youth between the ages from 12 – 18 years old.

Duration:  12 weeks (1 session per week)
Cost:           R35 000 for 100 children
Area’s of operation:
Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Amatola, Algoa, Western Cape, Free State


Sakh’Ulutsha has been privileged to reach around 80,000 young people every year for the past three decades.

Our involvement has been tried and tested and earned the respect and appreciation of not just community leaders, but significant large donors such as PEPFAR, the Global Fund to Fight HIV, AIDS and TB, PACT and Kindernothilfe (KNH), over multi-year relationships.

We are particularly privileged to have had our impact scrutinized by leading independent researchers:

Nell and Shapiro

I am beautiful and a person 2011

Southern Hemisphere

Who I Am report, funded by KNH  2012

Catherine Pitt

Stories of Hope, funded by the Global Fund 2015

Manna Consulting

Data Evaluation analysis and report, funded by Pepfar 2019

Sakh’Uluthsa is passionate about young people and passionate about South Africa

Young People p/year

45 000

Programs p/year


Year’s Operating


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Working Areas:

Port Shepstone
East London and Mdantsane
Cape Town

Contact Information:
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Phone: +27 082 925 1981
Sakh'Ulutsha: 83 Camp Ground Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town
Working Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm