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Holiday Programs

Holiday Camps

Holiday programs hold great significance for children in South Africa. These programs provide opportunities for children to engage in educational, recreational, and cultural activities that they might not have access to in their daily lives. Many of the children in the communities where we serve lack resources and infrastructure, limiting children’s exposure to diverse experiences.

Holiday programs bridge this gap by offering a range of activities such as arts and crafts, sports, environmental and life skills education, and field trips to museums or local landmarks. These programs not only stimulate children’s minds but also promote their physical well-being and social development. Additionally our holiday programs can also incorporate life skills training, such as financial literacy and entrepreneurship, which can equip children with valuable knowledge and tools to overcome the challenges they may face in their communities.

By participating in these programs, children from rural communities gain confidence, expand their horizons, and develop a sense of belonging and self-worth. They acquire new skills, make meaningful connections with peers and mentors, and are inspired to dream big for their futures.

We believe that ultimately, holiday programs play a vital role in empowering and uplifting children in rural communities, enabling them to envision a brighter future and strive towards achieving their goals.

Our programs include but are not limited to:

  • Holiday Camps
  • Leadership development camps
  • Gender Specific Camps
  • Holiday Clubs – 5 days
  • Sport Development clinics
  • Sport Development camps

Most of our holiday programs are funded by us and we are therefore asking you to consider becoming our partner by sponsoring one or more of our programs so that more children in South Africa can benefit from this.

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