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Learner social Support

Offering learner social support services such as aftercare and trauma-informed life skills programs is of utmost importance.These services play a vital role in nurturing the holistic well-being of learners, providing them with essential support beyond their academic needs.

By offering aftercare programs, we create a safe and structured environment where learners can thrive, receive assistance with homework, engage in enriching activities, and build positive relationships with caring adults.

Additionally, trauma-informed life skills programs acknowledge the impact of adverse experiences on learners and equip them with the necessary tools to cope, heal, and develop resilience.

These programs address emotional and social challenges, helping learners build self-esteem, manage stress, communicate effectively, and navigate relationships.

By prioritizing learner social support services, we empower young individuals to overcome obstacles, develop essential life skills, and flourish academically, emotionally, and socially.

Heroe’s of Hope – Trauma Informed Life skills Program

Research shows that children in South Africa are facing extraordinarily high levels of trauma due to several factors such food insecurity, criminal and family violence, injury in motor vehicle accidents, high levels of sexual abuse and child rape, and the impact of AIDS[1]. It has been shown that the symptoms found in many children who face intense trauma are parallel to the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) found in adults.

There is a dire need to intervene in communities by providing a Trauma Informed Life skills Programme that would:

  • Help children recognise trauma
  • Change unhelpful thinking
  • Create safe spaces for processing
  • Find caring environments to bring stability to their lives.

Our desire is to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and bring hope of the gospel within a trauma informed process.

We have engaged a local NGO, Arise ( and they have developing a programme called Heroes for Hope. Arise offers preparation and training for the Trauma Informed Facilitators in group facilitation, material delivery, as well as providing weekly supervision sessions.

In partnership with Arise the Hero’s of Hope facilitators will be trained as Rrauma Informed Facilitators.  We engage with the Schools Management Teams and deliver a 9-week programme in the established network of schools.  We have piloted this in Langa and the feedback on the impact of this program is very positive.

We believe this programme should now be expanded across South Africa so that many more young people can benefit from the trauma informed lifeskills program.  Our vision is further to train Deaf Trauma Informed Facilitators so that they can present this program at the Deaf schools in South Africa.

Please consider partnering with us in this program.  We strongly believe that by working together we can make a difference in thousands of lives and empower our young people to rise to their potential.



Ikemeleng means: “stand for yourself”, the Centre was established in 1999 to uplift and further the personal development of young people. One of our primary goals is the holistic development of individuals, children, and youth. Empowering them through life skills programs that deal with issues around personal development, life choices, career, and behaviour change.

All our programs are open to students from Grades 2- 12 

  • Homework Club: This is a daily program that aims to assist and support students with their studies.
  • Computer literacy: this is aimed at equipping out-of-school young people with a skill that will help them through job hunting. It’s a program that enables our students to have a better understanding of word, excel, PowerPoint, typing, email, research, and many more. This program is in partnership with Siyaqhubeka computer school who gives an accredited certificate.
  • Leadership development program: We offer leadership training, to school prefects, SRC, and out-of-school young people as well as our volunteers. This equips them to lead others, but also to lead their own lives with better knowledge of leadership.
  • Music and Drama Classes: these are some of the kids’ favourites as they get to showcase their talents. Most scripts are written in English which helps them learn the language as well as drama. This has a good impact on their academics as well.

With Music class, they are taught how to play musical instruments.

  • Holiday Clubs

They serve to keep the children occupied during the school holiday periods and teach them valuable life skills and lessons in a safe and well-monitored environment.

  • Camps

These are usually run at campsites in the Gauteng region. The programs are geared toward children and youth development. Some of the camps are geared for Primary school children and others for High school youth.

  • Teen Leadership

This is a special afternoon activity run for teens by teens

We have a once a week training & information afternoon for teens and invite guests from other organizations to teach/train and equip teenagers in a variety of topics, including career guidance, leadership training, etc. 

These programs not only develop the child, but also offers a safe haven for them during the afternoons. 

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